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This is my custom painted kitbash of Reincar and Grimgerde. It was inspired by Brigitte from Overwatch, and this is the result!

I ordered a couple of 3D printed flails, and hand painted them. I didn't super enjoy the result, so I customized the mace that comes with Reincar to make it look somewhat similar to her weapon - plus a bit better scale. I will still keep it with the kit though, as an homage.


Inspiration from Overwatch

Custom shield

Showing off her shield with the Zeon emblem. Was the closest I had to a lion head.


I really like this picture, she looks quite intimidating here.

Back side

Happy with how the metallics turned out using Alclad Slight Sheen Klear Kote.


Showing off the flail and looking menacing.

3D Print!

Here's the 3D printed flails, untouched so far. Ordered two sizes because I did the scaling freehanded...

Painted up
Another shot
Alla till mig!

Quick pose with the flail